Geotk Maven Repository - NetCDF archives

NetCDF archives

This directory contains Java Archive (JAR) files for the NetCDF library. The archives deployed in this directory are either legacy files used before the NetCDF build was "mavenized", or files modified before deployment (for example in order to replace some embedded dependencies by external dependencies).


NetCDF versions in the 2.x series were deployed on this repository or on the Geotools repository. Those artifacts were used by all Geotk versions prior to 3.18. NetCDF version 4.2.20 was deployed on the Maven Central repository. NetCDF version 4.3.10 and above are deployed on the UCAR repository. Those changes in deployment target were accompanied by changes in Maven groupId and version policy, and consequently changes in the directory names listed in this repository:

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[DIR]Parent Directory  -  
[DIR]bufr/24-Apr-2012 17:31 -  
[DIR]bufrTables/19-Feb-2012 15:45 -  
[DIR]grib/24-Apr-2012 17:31 -  
[DIR]netcdf-parent/24-Apr-2012 17:31 -  
[DIR]netcdf/24-Apr-2012 17:31 -  
[DIR]opendap/24-Apr-2012 17:31 -  
[DIR]thredds-parent/18-May-2012 16:49 -  
[DIR]unidataCommon/24-Apr-2012 17:31 -  
[DIR]unidatacommon/19-Feb-2012 16:22 -  
[DIR]visad/10-Feb-2012 15:52 -  

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