Geotk Maven Repository

Maven Repository: Geotk, GeoAPI and dependencies

This repository contains Java Archive (JAR) files of (abridged geotk) modules and its dependencies including GeoAPI milestones. The repository follows the standard layout of Apache Maven, the project management tool used by Geotk and other Java language projects. This repository adds to the standard Maven Central repository. Users are welcome to rely on this repository for their own Maven builds.

This directory does not contains the standard GeoAPI 3.0.0 release, neither the Geotk branch implementing the standard GeoAPI release. Those releases are available directly from Maven Central. This repository is rather used for implementation of pending interfaces not yet approved as an OGC standard.

As an alternative to this Maven repository, users can download most of the library (including its dependencies) as a single big JAR file. Those bundles are provided on the download area. Those pages provide also for each Geotk version a list of changes since the previous version.

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